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Western Melbourne’s experts in mufflers and exhausts

At Radiant Exhausts, we diagnose, repair, replace and install mufflers and exhaust systems for a broad range of vehicles throughout Western Melbourne covering areas like Laverton, Sunshine, Altona, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Footscray, Williams Landing. We also offer custom services such as catalytic converter replacements and custom bending of exhaust pipes. Whatever your exhaust and muffler needs may be, we’re certain our experienced team can find a solution.


We supply the widest range of mufflers in the Western Melbourne Suburbs. If you require standard replacement mufflers such as turbo mufflers, glass packed sports mufflers, tornado, truck mufflers or industrial mufflers, we can custom-make a solution to suit your order. We stock systems ranging from 1” to 5”, covering a wide range of vehicle styles and requirements.

Exhaust systems

At Radiant Exhausts, we offer a comprehensive range of reliable, high-quality exhaust systems, including:

  • VT Commodore 2.5” Mandrel bent sports system
  • VL 2.5″ Mandrel sports system
  • 2.5″ Mandrel bent sports system
  • VL3″ Mandrel bent sports system

Stainless steel exhausts

On many modern unleaded vehicles, stock mufflers can rust out at an alarming rate. With our high-quality stainless steel mufflers, you can extend the life of your muffler and your car.

Take a look at some of the advantages of stainless steel mufflers below:

  • Long life against corrosion
  • Fully welded seams to prevent seam leaks
  • Excellent for people who tend to use their cars for short trips (which rusts out mild steel mufflers)

If you’re likely to keep your vehicle for five years or more, a stainless steel system is going to be a far greater investment than any other exhaust system.

To find out which system is right for you or for a free quote, call our friendly team today on 03 9314 3735 .