4 Stainless steel exhaust pipe

Custom-made exhaust systems in Western Melbourne

At Radiant Exhausts, we’re committed to meeting all the exhaust system needs of our customers throughout Western Melbourne covering areas like Laverton, Sunshine, Altona, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Williams Landing, Werribee, Footscray. From headers and extractors to catalytic converters and other exhaust accessories, our professional team are here to help.

Headers and extractors

What is the difference between headers and extractors? There is no difference; it means the same thing. But there are two different types that you should know about…

  • The INTERFERENCE (or the TRI.Y) is suitable for better fuel economy, towing and low mid-range power.
  • The TUNNEL HEADER is suitable for maximum performance at high revs on modified engines – not for street use.

We supply the most popular vehicle extractors to our customers throughout Western Melbourne, including Holden V8 HQ, WB Hi tech headers, Genie HM headers, pacemakers, modivators and many more. Headers work fantastically well on diesel 4WD vehicles. To find out if a header is right for your vehicle, get in touch today.

Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust pipe is a very important part of any exhaust system whether its custom made or normal exhaust system. Making sure that right size and type of exhaust pipe has been chosen and installed for any exhaust system becomes essential, as it plays crucial role in the performance of entire exhaust system.

We supply exhausts pipes for any make or model for any type of vehicle. It could be for your car or for your truck, we will ensure that you have enough options to choose from.

Catalytic converters

There are many common warning signs to catalytic converter breakdown throughout Western Melbourne covering areas like Laverton, Sunshine, Altona, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Footscray, including:


  • Cause: Road hazards or installation damage
  • Examine: Low hanging exhaust, broken hangers


  • Cause: Fuel mixture too rich, oil or antifreeze entering exhaust, or leaded fuel
  • Examine: Piston rings – warped or cracked cylinder head – valve seals


  • Cause: Over expansion during installation
  • Examine: Broken hangers, manifold spring bolts, motor mounts


  • Cause: Fuel mixture too rich or raw fuel and/or oil entering exhaust system
  • Examine: Ignition system – plugs and wires check or diverter valves, oxygen or coolant sensor


  • Cause: Fuel mixture too rich
  • Examine: Excessive oil in exhaust – air pump, check and diverter valves

*Note: Excessive idling or hauling heavy loads will also contribute to converter failure. Most significant is failure to keep engine properly tuned.

For more information about our headers, catalytic converters and other products or for a free quote, call our friendly team today on 03 9314 3735 .